10,000 battery packs produced in two years

In July 2021, FIVE reached an important milestone, 10.000 battery packs produced after only two years since the opening of the internal production plant.

Nuvola Lite and the Red Cross to help people to come out from the pandemic

Sportsmanship and concreteness are Italwin’s winning features. Thanks to this natural predisposition, the brand has always been attentive to ecological mobility initiatives that have a useful function for the citizen. That is why, at the beginning of 2021, Italwin made a special agreement for the supply of the Nuvola Lite e-bike to the Italian Red Cross.
The voluntary association is at the forefront of providing home care to those most affected by the pandemic. Through the project ‚ÄúIl tempo della gentilezza”, the Red Cross delivers basic goods, medicines, groceries to the home of elderly people and those who cannot move. Thanks to this help, many people have received assistance and have felt less alone.


ITALWIN sales points reach 200 units

Over time, ITALWIN has selected a network of specialized dealers, widely distributed in Italy and Europe: over 200 highly competent stores able to ensure qualified client service and impeccable after-sales assistance. Dealers are constantly informed on the new characteristics of the e-bikes, to offer quality advice.

ITALWIN dealers suggest the models of e-bike that best suits the needs of the customer’s mobility, give valuable tips on how to use and take care of the e-bike, offer a professional testing and roading service. In this way, everyone can enjoy their ITALWIN electric bike for a long time.


New Pearl, technological jump

2019 is the year of the debut of the new PEARL, an e-bike that focuses on elegance and technology. PEARL embraces the philosophy of its brand with an irresistible look, suitable for driving downtown and toward the lowlands. PEARL features cutting-edge technology solutions, such as the new generation FIVE F90 central motor; the control unit with a 3.5″ LCD display; the brakes that have a hydraulic disc for maximum safety.


Inauguration of the new FIVE production plant

The FIVE headquarters, opened in 2018, represent industrial excellence, in fact, the building does not need any other source of energy than the one it self-produces through a dual photovoltaic system.
Established with the aim of relocating the production of electric bicycles from China to Italy following the principles of ZEB (Zero Energy Building), the FIVE factory is the first project able to combine energy efficiency, industrial production, and environmental sustainability.
FIVE headquarters, located in the industrial heart of Bologna, extends for a total of 76,400 square feet of buildings (divided into factory units, laboratories, offices, services, and warehouses), with an area of about 7,535 square feet dedicated to gardens. The automated warehouse consists of 860 posts where 3,200 vehicles can be stored.
The assembly line with 20 workstations, the storage of rough frames’ components, and the paint system are integrated into a single rotary system that allows to mount the bicycles in the same circuit bringing the chassis in to the paint furnaces.
Furthermore, the industrial plant has areas dedicated to battery production and laboratories, where FIVE researchers carry out their testing activities and develop cutting-edge components for all the e-bikes.


Launch of the innovative Trail Advanced model

Trail Advance is the touring bike, launched in 2017, with sporting qualities, superb road-holding, and lightness thanks to the light frame.
A trekking e-bike, which is appreciated for its ability to play both the off-road and light-hearted urban role. TRAIL Advanced interprets the need for comfort and safety thanks to ‚Äúcity‚ÄĚ accessories: kickstand, rear rack, mudguards.
Its points of strength: F90 FIVE central motor integrated into the chassis that reaches 90Nm of torque and allows to climb very demanding uphills, up to slopes of 30% with a 500WH battery.


The Italwin brand becomes part of the FIVE Group

In 2016 the ITALWIN brand becomes part of the FIVE Group. An important step towards the integration in a 100% Made in Italy production in its factory in Bologna.

The design of the models continued the stylistic and technological evolution, with the use of solutions that seek timeless beauty; e-bikes made with the belief that excellence stands the test of time, a continuous ambition that establishes a perimeter for the imagination of bike lovers. The Italian style of design combines beauty and sustainability, and inspiration for future generations.


An e-bike in Mulino Bianco cookies (Barilla)

ITALWIN electric bicycles, Nuvola model,¬†were chosen by Barilla¬†as first prize¬†for the contest¬†‚ÄúCerca Rosita‚Ä̬†in the packs of Mulino Bianco biscuits.
A winning card inside the packages of Macine, Tarallucci and Galletti cookies, communicated to the consumer the winning of an electric bike Nuvola (30 offered as prizes in total).
An important opportunity of visibility for ITALWIN that binds to Barilla – historic brand of¬†Italian food –¬†with¬†campaigns declined for at least¬†three months on traditional and digital media.


ITALWIN at Unomattina

ITALWIN participates in the morning broadcast RAI1 as witness credited to illustrate the world of electric mobility during a report dedicated to pedal assist bicycles.

To ITALWIN, the prestigious Premio Design Made in Padova
Assigned to the Paduan companies that stand out in the world thanks to their degree of innovation, the great award sponsored by the Paduan industrial world was given to ITALWIN. In fact, the Premio Design Made in Padova attests to the esteem for the work carried out in Italy and abroad.

NABA Р Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano  Рcollaborates with ITAWIN
Students of the first year of the degree course in Design, assisted by the internationally renowed architect and designer Stefano Giovannoni, and industrial designer Valerio Sommella, worked on new concept about urban mobility.


ITALWIN in the book ‚Äú150% italiani‚ÄĚ

A monograph sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that collects the best of made in Italy: ITALWIN ranks among the hundred Italian companies that are highlighted for their best product ideas and success stories.

Easy Driver about K2 electric bike
For the first time Easy Driver Рthe broadcast dedicated to the world of motorsport Рon the air every week on Rai Uno, dedicated a whole report to an e-bike: the foldable ITALWIN K2 filmed on the streets of Ravenna city centre, also crossing the limited traffic areas.

ITALWIN e-bikes highlighted by Bicitech
The authoritative Bicitech trade magazine has bestowed a special award on ITALWIN, on the occasion of EXPOBICI fair in Padua, highlighting it for its high-level technological innovation.


ITALWIN wins Trofeo Tartaruga of Legambiente

A demonstration race of 6 km that took place in Vicenza to determine which is the fastest and most environmentally friendly vehicle among bicycle, electric bicycle, scooter, car, bus, and a pedestrian. In the significant initiative of Legambiente, traveling in Italy, ITALWIN electric bike has emerged with the best time.

ITALWIN electric bicycles light up the Christmas tree in Vicenza
Throughout the month of December, the Christmas tree remained connected to 3 ITALWIN electric bikes. Every citizen, pedaling, lit the big star of the traditional Christmas tree in Piazza dei Signori. An eco-friendly and original initiative appreciated by everybody.


ITALWIN is a partner of scientific research with Bepi Colombo Prize

ITALWIN, always close to the research field, supported Bepi Colombo Prize, an international award established in memory of the famous Paduan scientist, to pay tribute to the excellence of Italian companies in research and development.

Beginning of collaboration with Ducati, world preview at EICMA
For the first time, an electric bike approaches the sporting world of racing motorcycles.

Ducati City Pearl and Ducati Cucciolo by ITALWIN, are the electric bikes that start the worthwhile collaboration between two brands. Today as in the past, two Italian companies Рrespectively leaders in their field -, join their forces to revolutionize the customs and innovate urban mobility. In fact, thanks to a three-year licensing agreement between Ducati Motor Holding and Italwin Group, Cucciolo has come back.

ITALWIN collaborates with IAAD
For an entire semester, a class of students from the Institute of Applied Art and Design (IAAD) in Turin works closely with ITALWIN managers to invent and develop new design solutions which can be applied to electric bicycles.


Edison managers awarded with Italwin

The company active in the supply of electricity and gas, wanted 12 ITALWIN bicycles to award its staff managers showing creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

All the electric bikes were customized with Edison corporate colours and logo.

Italwin alongside the ultra-marathon runner Paola Sanna
ITALWIN¬†sponsored the training of the¬†ultra-marathon runner¬†Paola Sanna (100 km),¬†who participated in international competitions. The athlete’s daily training (40 km/day) provided that her coach followed her¬†step by step.¬†The¬†use of ITALWIN electric bike was the ideal solution to follow the marathon runner without disturbing¬†her concentration, and also¬†preventing exhaust gas/harmful emissions from compromising the health of¬†her respiratory tract.

To G8 with the publication promoted by the Ministry of Environment
‚ÄúItalian Design for Sustainability‚Ä̬†is the title of the book presented to¬†G8 Environment and Energy¬†in 2008. In the item “electric vehicles”,¬†ITALWIN e-bikes are mentioned, result of the excellent Italian¬†design combined with environmental issues.

ITALWIN graduated with honors
Academic year 2008-2009: doctoral thesis developed by electrical engineering students from the University of Padua, in collaboration with R&D ITALWIN, about the hydrogen electric bicycle.


Technical tests of bike sharing in Vicenza

The city administration in Vicenza chose ITALWIN for the first supply in Italy of electric bikes assigned to interchange parking, just ouside the town, where today you can leave your car parked and cross the streets with the ITALWIN e-bike.

Theft-proof frame
To protect its customers from the unpleasant feeling of not finding their e-bike in the place where it was parked, ITALWIN undertook the choice of marking, during manufacture, its frames with a serial number: it was the first in Italy to start a practice of customization that contextually represents an important deterrent against the theft of electric bikes.


ITALWIN e-bike in pandoro Melegatti

The Christmas promotion signed Melegatti sees among the prizes an electric bike ITALWIN near other prestigious brands as Porsche, Telecom, Michelin, Whirlpool, Olivetti. Melegatti will repeat this initiative by offering an electric bike ITALWIN, in Christmas 2008 too.


The first road test is with ITALWIN e-bike

The heading¬†‚Äúroad test‚ÄĚ on¬†Ciclismo magazine¬†was inaugurated with an electric bike¬†ITALWIN, in¬†particular the light model¬†Alloy e-bike with Nikel Metal Hydride battery (NiMH)¬†sold on a¬†large scale.

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The first time at EICMA

The electric bikes with ITALWIN brand were among the first to be presented at a prestigious fair as EICMA. ITALWIN was the only brand to have presented a folding electric bike.