The historic Italian brand producer of electric bicycles

Starting from a small factory in Veneto, ITALWIN has over time become synonymous with made in Italy quality. A reliable point of reference, increasingly leader in the world of electric mobility. ITALWIN e-bikes are a valid choice for those who want to move in and out of the city in an economic, fun and fit way, without polluting the environment.

In addition to the quality of the components and technological innovation, ITALWIN has focused on the style of its models, the design department is constantly looking for innovative solutions to be applied to e-bikes: colors and components are coordinated for models always trendy, collection after collection.

The quality and reliability of the ITALWIN brand are reflected in the efficient network of specialized dealers, capable of ensuring a qualified purchase guide service and impeccable assistance in after-sales.


Made in Italy

In 2016, ITALWIN brand is acquired by F.I.V.E. Group – Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici – in Bologna, and become part of a reality in which made in Italy
 and technological innovation are the basis for the whole production of electric cycles and motorcycles.

F.I.V.E. factory, realized on an area of about 7,000 square meters, works in nZEB logic (nearly zero energy building): it is an energy self-sufficient building, with a photovoltaic system on the roof, which is able to release about 257,000 kW/h per year: this ensures not only lighting and living comfort, but also the energy needed to industrial production.

At full capacity, the factory will have a production capacity of 35,000 electric vehicles per year.

Italwin builds the sustainable mobility of the future.

Every year we take our e-bikes to a higher level of quality, selecting the best components to guarantee a durable, safe and pleasant rides. Well-being of the person and environment-care are at the center of our philosophy, our mission to achieve success in a booming market.

Discover our models, their character and customisation: are you ready to go?


Style and Design

In addition to the quality of components and technological innovation, ITALWIN has focused on the style and design of its models. In fact, some of them have been developed in close collaboration with prestigious Italian brands. In 2009, the partnership with DUCATI gave birth to a line of electric bicycles, showing a synthesis of forms, technology, eco-sustainability and innovation.

Freedom of movement

The Catalogue of ITALWIN electric bikes summarizes all the different mobility needs that an electric bike can express. Allowing you to choose the ratio between electric assistance and muscle strain, ITALWIN bikes fit the physical and practical needs of those who choose every day the freedom of movement by a not-polluting, agile, Italian vehicle.