Batteries and Motors


High quality standards

The batteries of Italwin electric bikes have been very carefully chosen, after selecting the best italian suppliers on the market, to offer only high quality products.

FIVE batteries production to guarantee performance and durability

Batteries are the primary source of energy and provide the electric power required while riding. FIVE has chosen to embrace the battery market with an in-house production with a semi-automatic product-line for its e-bikes, and for OEM solutions.
FIVE’s choice is dictated by the need to guarantee high quality standards, a choice that cannot be separated from reshoring, which began in 2013 with the transfer of e-bike production from China to Italy and continues today with the implementation of new departments for the production of the main components of an e-bike.

Total safety

FIVE batteries are made with Samsung, BAK and EVE cells and comply with the standard UN38.3, they are tested in Italy (altitude, thermal, vibration, impact, overload etc.). Passing the UN38.3 tests is the mandatory requirement to sell the batteries individually and separately from the e-bikes. This allows customers to choose batteries with different capacities and purchase them as spare parts, after the result of normal exhaustion.

Long-life batteries

Electric bikes are fitted with today’s most advanced batteries, Lithium Ion, equipped with Samsung and BAK cells guaranteeing higher quality, safety, and long life thanks to numerous recharge cycles: up to 1,000 complete cycles. If the battery is stored correctly, after 500 complete charging cycles, it guarantees a residual capacity of 80% of its nominal capacity on average.

Comply with UN38.3

The batteries comply with the legislation UN38.3 providing numerous tests (altitude, heat, vibration, impact, overload, etc.) many of which are relevant to safety.
Passing the tests UN38.3 is the mandatory requirement to market the batteries individually and apart from the e-bikes. This allows the customer to choose batteries of different capacities and suitable to his route needs. Moreover, the customer has also the guarantee to purchase them, at a later time as spare parts, due to normal selling out.
Moreover, ITALWIN offers you the possibility to extend the warranty of your battery up to 3 years* (valid for the Italian market).

* The warranty terms and time will very depending on the country where the product was sold.

Test – Norma UN38.3

Here are some examples of battery tests required by UN38.3 legislation, which guarantee the high safety standards of Italwin batteries:

Simulation of air transport with low pressure conditions. The batteries are tested for at least 6 hours under the following conditions: temperature of 20 °C + -5 °C; pressure of 0.116 bar or less.

Simulation of quick and extreme temperature changes to verify the integrity of the electric circuits, connections and battery itself. The batteries are tested for at least 6 hours under the following conditions: temperature of 75 °C + -2 °C and within a maximum time of 30 min. the test is repeated under temperature conditions of -40 °C + -2 °C. The test is repeated 10 times.

Simulation of different types of vibrations typical of a transport. The battery is subjected to a vibration that goes from 7Hz to 200Hz continuously for 15 minutes. The cycle is repeated 12 times for a total of 3 hours.

Simulation of possible impacts during transport. The battery is subjected to an acceleration of 150 g of the duration of 6 ms.

Simulation of a short circuit deriving from outside. The battery, placed in an environment at 55 °C, is subjected to a short circuit with a maximum resistance of 1 ohm for 1 hour. After passing the test, the battery is kept under observation for 6 hours.

Simulation of a collision with a given mass. The battery is subjected to an impact against a 15.8 mm diameter bar having a weight of 9.1 kg, which placed at 61 cm in height as to it, is dropped at the center of the sample.

Evaluation of how the battery responds to an overload. The battery is electrically charged with a double current flow as to the maximum current indicated by the manufacturer.


Motor solutions for all electric mobility requirements

Compact and powerful, FIVE motors provide direct and progressive assistance at any speed, with an energetic boost up to 15.5 mph. The position of the motor varies according to the needs of the e-biker. The central configuration is designed for the most dynamic riders and gives extraordinary fun in any situation. The rear motor is designed to give a smooth and safe driving experience to every cyclists.

The mid-engine, on the other hand, is suitable for more demanding off-piste tracks: specifically, the F90 and F110 mid-engines are developed by FIVE for the most demanding riders. These engines are responsive in standing starts, and deliver power abruptly to cope with all climbs, even the most difficult, up to 30% gradient.

Central motor

– Integrated in the frame and placed between the pedals
– Suitable for sport and trekking bikes
– Integrated torque sensor and control unit ensure energy delivery in proportion to the effort exerted on the pedal

Rear motor

– Integrated inside the rear wheel hub
– Suitable for urban routes
– Speed sensor that gives the feeling of smooth, effortless pedalling

FIVE F110 central motor

The FIVE F110 is designed for off-piste and mountain trekking. The increased engine torque makes riding more aggressive on mixed trails that include steep climbs and off-piste sections. It allows slopes of up to 30% to be tackled.

More power in every situation

Thanks to the torque of 110Nm, full support is obtained already at low pedaling frequencies, for a more powerful pace.

Multi-level technology

The 5 levels of assistance, which can be selected from the computer, offer dynamic and sporty support to trekking and mountain lovers.

FIVE F90 central motor

The FIVE F90 is ideal for the city and out-of-town trips. The engine provides the rider with a safe and enjoyable experience. It allows slopes of up to 30% to be tackled.

Smart traction

The 90Nm torque provides harmonious pedaling support. The sensor measures force, frequency and speed, for a natural interaction between cyclist and e-bike.

For cities and leisure

Handling and reactivity on every route with the 5 levels of assistance, perfect for those who ride in the city and for leisure.