The emergence of electric bicycles in Italy coincided with the production start of ITALWIN
that in the Venetian factory, from 2003 to today, has made this brand the reference point of light electric mobility.


It is faster than car

To get stuck in traffic, no parking space for an infinite time: bad memories. The electric bike is more practical and faster than car, it is ideal for short city journeys and can be parked anywhere. Not yet out of the car?

It is an eco-sustainable alternative

An electric bicycle does not emit polluting exhaust fumes harmful to the environment, it does not disturb as it is extremely silent, and has an irrelevant electric cost per kilometer. What is more sustainable than that?

It is an economy choice

An e-bike has an electricity consumption equal to about 1 euro per 1,000 km. It does not require insurance costs, road tax or helmet obligation. Moreover, it exploits the bike paths and has access to the limited traffic zones. Have you already calculated how much savings?

It is healthy

With the electric bike you can choose how much effort you want to do and when you want to do it: to get to the office effortlessly and dry, for example. Or to take a nice ride and activate all your muscles, just by limiting the electric assistance. Do good to yourself, what are you waiting?



An e-bike made by FIVE for the Carabinieri Corps

A 630 watt lithium-ion heart, all Made in Italy, is at the core of the electric motor of the e-bike supplied to the Carabinieri Trail Ultra, the electric bike at the top of the ITALWIN trekking series. It will join the fleet of vehicles at disposal of the Carabinieri….Read More

Red Cross’ help comes by e-bike

Groceries at home, delivery of medicines and basic goods: the FIVE group (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici) delivered the first electric bikes commissioned by the CRI, Croce Rosa Italiana, which is carrying out the project “Il tempo della gentilezza” to stand by the population hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.Read More