Red Cross’ help comes by e-bike

Red Cross’ help comes by e-bike

Nuvola Lite and the Red Cross to help people to come out from the pandemic

Sportsmanship and concreteness are Italwin’s winning features. Thanks to this natural predisposition, the brand has always been attentive to ecological mobility initiatives that have a useful function for the citizen. That is why, at the beginning of 2021, Italwin made a special agreement for the supply of the Nuvola Lite e-bike to the Italian Red Cross.

The voluntary association is at the forefront of providing home care to those most affected by the pandemic. Through the project “Il tempo della gentilezza“, the Red Cross delivers basic goods, medicines, groceries to the home of elderly people and those who cannot move. Thanks to this help, many people have received assistance and have felt less alone. To reach those who are alone and in a difficult situation in a sustainable way, from today on the volunteers can count on an ecological vehicle, completely Made in Italy.

To further improve the service, the Red Cross can now also count on an ecological vehicle entirely Made in Italy, which allows hundreds of volunteers to reach those who are alone and in difficulty in a sustainable way.

“Nowadays it is more important than ever to thanks the Italian Red Cross for all the efforts it has made at the service of the population affected by the pandemic. The value of this project, which certainly represents an indispensable support for people in need, is also the opportunity for communities to rise up again.”

Said Fabio Giatti, CEO of FIVE.

“We are happy to contribute to the mobility of health workers on the national territory and, above all – added Giatti – it makes us proud to know that our products will support volunteers involved in the fight against COVID”.

The first stocks of Nuvola Lite were delivered to the operational offices of Legnano, Settimo Torinese, Rome and Salerno. The production of both the frames and the batteries is made in Italy and took place entirely in the Bologna. The painting of the frames in the classic red and white colors was made in the new water painting system, which uses the energy recovered from the process to heat the factory in winter.

Nuvola Lite is an e-bike of the Italwin’s Urban segment, which stands out for the attention to the smallest details. Comfort saddle, Led lights, Shimano gearbox with 7-speed. The frame with low overpass and 26” wheels is very stable and agile for city driving, and the soft start device helps to start from a standstill. The battery is a 500 Wh with Samsung cells, also made by FIVE in the advanced factory plants in Bologna.

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